Bilingual Christian Church in Los Angeles, CA

Rock of Salvation is a culturally diverse Christian Church in Los Angeles, CA, that is dedicated to the cause of preaching The Gospel of Jesus Christ to our community. Our mission is to preach The Gospel in all forms of communication and in actions for the people of our community. We allow the Holy Spirit to guide our hands as we do what we can to improve the physical and spiritual lives of everyone around us.

A bilingual church, we truly care for everyone living throughout our city. It is our most sincere desire that we display our love of Christ so that everyone can see it while also giving those who most need it a path towards the same love we cherish. We hope that you will partner with us as we share Christ’s love throughout our community.

Come & Worship with Us

Being part of our Christian Church feels like being part of a loving, extended family. That is because we don’t just teach The Gospels to our congregation. Instead, we encourage each and every churchgoer that attends our services to start living in the light and love of the Lord.

Through our many different ministries, we make it easier for each and every person that comes to us to find their place in our congregation so they can help our church grow, help us improve our community, and help spread the Word of Jesus Christ.

We encourage anyone reading this to come and attend one of our services and find out just how powerful our message can be to you. A life in service to the Lord is a fulfilling life that will reward your soul.

Contact us for more information about worship services at our Christian Church in Los Angeles, California. We look forward to seeing you among our fellowship.